Today we have a theory on....Osana Najimi and Budo!

We believe that Budo the leader of a club has defeated the previous owner of the club Osana Najimi

But he then started to like her, we believe he defeated her to show he was stronger and to get her to like him.

Another theory is that Osana was NOT the previous owner of the club and its another girl in the school or one that has NOT been added to the game yet!

Also Yandere Dev aka Yandere Kun could be tricking up about it being Osana and could be laughing about it now. But he doesn't pull pranks as often as you think...

You see we have evidence that it IS in fact Osana Najimi!

Read the information very close and you will see why we think it is in fact Osana Najimi he defeated and

is getting feelings for!

Want for Theory's? Message us for details about them!


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