Today we believe in the Yandere Simulator Theory's that Budo and Oka are a thing but no one knows about it!

You see...People are making MMD'S about the two witch makes others wonder "Hmm....Are Oka and Budo a thing?" But they always make topics about it.

Today We talk about what we think about these to LoveBirds!


We at this blogging site do not understand why people ship these two, for one they most likely will never be together for certain reasons -cough- because Budo likes -cough- Osana -cough-

And for two, because alot of people think Oka Ruto and Shin should be together!

What do we think about it?

We think that we should let Yandere Dev decide if Oka should stay liking Senpai or like Shin or Budo.

But as we all saw in the R-I-V-A-L video we all know Oka Ruto will forever remain a Rival in Yandere Chans path....

Unless if Yandere Dev changes it for people to make Theory's about then go ahead! Let your dreams go wild!

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